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Emergency Dentist

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Emergency Dental Services

A dental emergency and be a painful and sometimes scary situation. We know how difficult this can be one pain strikes and it's after hours. Find out about our emergency dental services, what constitutes an emergency, how to get in touch with us, and what you can do to help.

Is it an Emergency that Needs Immediate Care?

Although you may indeed have an emergency, not all situations need to be treated right away. Some emergencies can be handled during the next available time during business hours. It is important that you understand the difference when you're experiencing an emergency during the weekend or at night.

Dental Emergencies Requiring Urgent Care

The following are some examples of emergency situations that would require immediate dental care:

• Uncontrollable bleeding

• A permanent tooth that has been knocked out or is loose

• An injury to your

• Pain accompanied by swelling

• An extremely painful toothache

In case of dental emergencies requiring immediate care, don't wait. Call us at 843-554-4545!

Dental Emergencies That Can Wait Until Normal Business Hours

Some dental emergencies don't require immediate attention. In these situations, it's best to call us as soon as possible to come see us during normal business hours. Examples of dental emergencies that don't require immediate care and can be scheduled during normal business hours include:

• A filling, crown, or bridge that has been lost

• A tooth that is broken or cracked. Do call for immediate care if your tooth is extremely painful!

• A broken or damaged retainer or night guard

• Food that is stuck in your teeth

• An uncomfortable, but bearable toothache

Contacting Emergency Dentist Charleston SC - Dr. J.B. Palles, DMD

If you are having a serious dental emergency, or you're unsure if you need immediate care, call us at 843-554-4545. We will advise you on if you need to come see us right away, or if you can wait until normal business hours. Use your own discretion as well. If you're facing unbearable pain of bleeding that can't be stopped and we're closed, go to the emergency room of your nearest hospital.

Keep in mind, although many emergency dental situations may be painful or frightening, they don't require urgent medical attention. Call us at 843-554-4545 and we will help you determine if you need to see us immediately. If not, we will see you at your earliest convenience.

What to do in Case of a Dental Emergency

Depending on the type of emergency you have, there are some steps you can take while at home to help relieve pain, discomfort, and remedy your situation. Always remember to remain calm. When stressed and anxious, your body can make the situation worse.

The following are some things you can do to alleviate pain caused by a dental emergency:

• Place a teaspoon of salt in a mug of warm water to use as a mouthwash to reduce pain and swelling

• If you've lost a permanent tooth, place it in a glass of milk and bring it with you to our office

• Flossing is boss! Flossing can help alleviate pain and swelling around a tooth if there is stuck food causing tooth and gum irritation

• A cold compress is great for reducing swelling, decreasing irritation, and stopping bleeding

• A quick rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide can help kill bacteria and reduce irritation

Dental Emergency Prevention

How do you prevent dental emergencies in the first place? Visiting us regularly for routine cleanings and maintaining good oral hygiene is the best prevention! The following are some additional steps you can take:

• Always complete any dental treatment we've recommended to you. Dental problems only grow in severity over time. Nip problems in the bud right away!

• Brush and flush every day. A daily oral hygiene routine will help keep emergency issues away.

• Eat tough and chewy foods in moderation. Examples include hard bread, jerky, pretzels, hard candy, and chewy candy.

• Prevent Periodontitis (gum disease), or if you have gum disease, see us more frequently to help treat it effectively.

Emergency Dentist Recommendations

Dental emergencies are not a fun experience. However, staying calm and following the above tips will help you make the right decision for your comfort, health and smile! Always feel free to call us in any dental emergency and we'll let you know if it requires urgent care, or if you can wait until normal office hours to come see Dr. Palles.

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